Band Log – 8/28/04

This is Outpost Log: 8/28/04-002 Web Mistress Li Dee

Greetings from Straynje Streeeet! Wed. 8/25 was a tremendous performance…Hiro was up from N.Y.C. 2 play w/ the outpost……no money….but everyone was REALLY glad 2 C him…..he has this crazy sound…….bluegrass-meets-brazil-in-Japan sortathing…which works esp.well when La Gringa does tunes from ‘Das Lied von der Lawnmower’! and Chico …U know La Gringa digs him, because he’s everywhere @ once ,and zeroed in. …no walk-offs..jus flash n’ burn!.

James & Sister Liquid Soul from the V-Styles have agreed 2 assist this clambake….I call this spawning bands….La Gringa calls this particular constellation of players ‘Stella & the Isolators’. as far as I’m concerned, James is exactly what the Outpost needs,& Liquid Soul speaks 4 herself …..although I heard her say she didn’t feel on top of her performance that night. I LOVE her voice, & esp’ how she sounds w/ La Gringa. they did some crazy new blues..”a nit-wit 4 your voodoo-love” and a new gosple tune….now,….. if only O Lobo would return from Brazil 2 drive this diesel !!!!!

Ciao 4 now, W.M. Li Dee.

Band Log – 8/22/04

This is Outpost Log: 8/22/04-001 Web Mistress Li Dee

OK, so here it is. KILLER BAND…heartbreak turn out [something about breakdown of PR network, La Gringa won’t talk about it], I first saw the Outpost in June ,their CD release party,and offered to write their webnews.

This is a Crash&Burn Band!! ask Hiro.he was dropped into the Maelstrom of that first performance [people screamed ‘more’ .. that’s the truth ,I was there!] and was the peaceful eye of that storm of a band, which leads me to the last gig..every other wednesday @ a small place on a strange-feeling street. It was post-bluemoon, pre-hurricane the drill?..nothing electrical went glitchless. first the monitor goes down, then the guitar can’t shake a strange static buzz, then the bass gadjets don’t work….. The “heavy brazil’ part of this band has been in brazil for the run of these strange-street gigs so La Gringa has been letting musicians sit in.

OK, short version. Feedo Backu [great,RAW guitar player] has a ‘brain fart’ [his term,not mine] on stage, forgets the changes & stops,correct, stops playing.Chico leaves the stage & hangs w/ DJMa @ the board….refusing to come back [ even as La Gringa pleads w/ him,,a look ,u know?] till Feedo is off stage……… It gets better..this amazing drummer also sits in…only no chemistry…..7/4 in 8..this wasn’t a C&B,this was a trash & pillage. Chico says “this isn’t working!!’…but La Gringa couldn’t stop it so it played itself out till it crashed on the floor like an elbowed shot glass. It gets better still…..12/8 feel, slow,prom-dance version… w/ drumming! , of ”I only have eye 4 u” ……the Flamingos meet SCATMAN JOHN….La Gringa & Chico jus look @ each other,poignantly aware of where this is going. But better still. finally it’s jus bass player & singer on stage & Chico says ”Let’s salvage the night w/ ‘Mike New York’ {on the CD, &, that’s when his pedals malfunction}..and it is looking like all might be redeemed { or at least the gentlemen @ table 4 get their $8. worth [you guys, you get in free next time!!] }. no sooner r they finished then ,w/a buzz under his belt, the drumming begins again only this time a little something to release the emergency break on your mazda….& La Gringa turns to Chico and says “geez,do u think it’ll hurt us?”

I asked La Gringa what she thought about the last gig …she said if it hadn’t been so hilarious she would have cried…that every stumbling block is an exercise in balance….and thank God the Wolf was in Brazil…Chico ,however, WAS NOT AMUSED.