Band Log – 9/24/04

This is Outpost log 9/29/04-004 La Gringa

Well, we would like to say goodbye { alloha, siyanara, asstalowagowhatever }, to the Voodoo Gryl. I guess that you could say we had our fill NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one free drink

It was the kinda situation that gave the dog a scare.
So we did one last killing set….. { OH YEAH!!! jus ask Angel-Blackbox-Man!!! } and we was outta there.
Not for now but forever.
CIAO! CIAO! Voodoo Gryl
sssssssssssssssLater Be Be Be Bay-yeah-yeah Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheet music available upon request, La Gringa

Band Log – 09/20/04

This is Outpost Log: 09/20/04-003 Web Mistress Li Dee

I caught up w/ La Gringa outside the Gallstone House to exchange notes on last wednesday’s gig @ the Voodoo Grill. She had been hanging w/ La Flaca while La Flaca tended to the walking-wounded….despensing their day meds. it’s not a bar…rather a day hospital. La Flaca serves up pints and shots to the freaks, the cool, the life-weary and soldiers. do they recognize the sweetness of the human-being in front of them??? probably not. and if they do…all they can do is drink in her presence…observing her high cheek bones and pencil-thin eye brows…her fast delicate movement behind the throne as she holds court. La Flaca knows all the secrets of those to whom she despenses liquid comfort…temporary avoidance.

I want to know what La Gringa confided in her…..something about an escapade North w/ La Charga and the Girl…heading north in the wrong direction….AH ,LIFE!!!…only to be navigated back on track by the Girl under car light…as these women laughed themselves to tears………. but La Gringa is changed, even Chico noticed it @ the gig & said as much .!!

This was The best gig…no money…but O Lobo was back driving this diesel of a band. and the best moment for me was when La Gringa cut the boys loose to make sh*t up…which is what Lobo does the best…and the boys were right there, on him at every nuance. then there is Liquid Soul. she is the axis around which the outpost spins.

next time, W.M.L.D.