Band Log – 1/05/05

This is Outpost log 1/05-009 La Gringa

it is one thing that the ‘industry’…for the most part, views & treats musicians
as so much sh*t to be scraped from the souls of their shoes.
Mozart died a pauper in a filthy room….having spent a great deal of his life
getting financed, & worse…paid!! Beethoven abandoned his manuscripts
to the ‘publishers’ to ‘change’ as THEY saw fit so that he could just get paid.
But!! when musicians f*ck each other over…this IS & will always remain….
shall we say…VERY UNCOOL. so…to my contemporaries ….if you have
a chance to help another musician, or band,…..on their way from being dead-broke & unknown to anything more known & financially comfortable,
by all means,DO IT!!…….it is the honorable thing to do ….& besides……the opening act you f*ck w/ today may turn out to be
the act you DON’T open for tomorrow.