Weather Outpost XII

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“Step aside Ewa Podels with your 5 octave range and make room for one of the most unique voices and remarkably captivating story tellers I have heard for a long, long time. Her feats of vocal virtuosity and musical timing expertly displayed on It Don’t Smell Funny Yet will not only send chills up your spine but will, no doubt on every level, stupefy any living breathing musician. La Gringa’s latest celebrates the blues including simple and complex forms with an extremely eclectic twist and wildly creative arrangements beautifully executed by sensitive and obviously carefully chosen musicians. The whole package exudes wit, humor and unbridled passion. You must own this album along with whatever she has conceived in the past and whatever she wishes to put out in the future. To put it mildly, La Gringa just blew me away!”
~David Rozenblatt (New York Drummer and Percussionist with Barry Manilow)

“…WOW, your band has such an unusual and great sound! Glad I stumbled on to it….a bonus to my search for Eric Wainaina!”
~Tony Carnes, Senior News Writer CHRISTIANITY TODAY

“After reviewing CDs for awhile, you want to hear something different. Anything, good or not. Luckily, this CD is different. This is a Great CD!”
~Dave Howell,

“…nice slow blues with great long notes by Lady A.”

“psychedelic/soul/blues band…..astonishing voice of LA GRINGA from U.S.”
~Dave Hill, radio station Rock CCAD in the United Kingdom!

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